Sirin the tulip lover
  • Sirin the tulip lover



    Medium; Charcoal on paper A5 print with bronze leaf embelishment  

    “The Tulip is a symbol of love due to the Persian legend of Farhad and Sirin. Farhad was a young man madly in love with Sirin an young maiden. Upon a journey in order to win sirins hand in marriage Farhad received a false message that told of sirins death. Overcome with grief Farhad rode his horse off a cliff. It is said that for every drop of his blood that soaked into the earth a red tulip  sprang to life. The world came to know how much Farhad loved sirin through the red tulips and they became the symbol of love.” 




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      A5(14.8 x 21.0 cm ) print with bronze leaf embellishments, sealed in a celo envelope ready to be placed in a frame and become apart of your lifes tapestry.